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The selection of the first PRomise Scholar will soon begin. the first phase of applying is complete. 29 post-graduate students from five institutes applied by registering during July. By end of August they will send essays to the Secretariat based on which a 4-5 member jury will evaluate them during September.

We will announce the names of the jury once the evaluation is complete in order to maintain credibility of this prestigious scholarship. The topic was – Public Relations needn’t always be a short-term fix for businesses; it can be a critical strategic communications tool too. The details of the scholarship are available here or at bit.ly/PFESSAY

We thank the three media outlets who wrote about the scholarship and one media outlet that supported us with free inventory. We will write our next three blogs on the subject soon – once all essays have been submitted, once the jury gives its verdict and once the winner is felicitated.

The PRomise Scholarship

The PRomise Scholarship is a small step to support several causes in one go. At the outset the formal education in theory of Public Relations is paramount to be a successful professional. Secondly, the education fee has risen tremendously in the last decade and this is one way of helping offset it for one student in the first years and many more in the next decade. Thirdly, the selection is through a written essay on a relevant topic which also gives us fresh content.

Details of the scholarship are on the website. Students should make use of this opportunity to contribute towards building a wealth of information and insights. This will only get bigger.